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Sign-ups available for March and September

A 10-week virtual fellowship program for students age 11-13.
Teaching key life skills while developing tomorrow's leaders in climate change.

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10 sessions over 4 months

Session times:
Saturday's and Sunday's 10:00am EST

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Tuition for The Next Climate Fellowship is $1,125+HST

Each session covers a key area of climate change. Sessions are first framed around the impact of individual actions, such as planting a tree, but are expanded upon to help Fellows understand the wider impact of companies, innovations, governments and society.

Sessions also include custom case studies and physical learning tools mailed to each Fellow for use during the sessions.

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Session 1

We will solve climate change

Fellows will leave this session with a stronger overall understanding of climate change and how we can get to a solution.

Session 2

The scientific process

Climate change is poorly understood by many. In order to better understand climate change we first need to help Fellows develop their understanding of the scientific and research processes.

Session 3

Plant more trees

Understanding how the earth breathes. Helping Fellows understand deforestation, forestation, the carbon cycle carbon sequestration and more.

Session 4

Reduce waste

A popular climate action, but how does it work? We explore the real impact of reducing waste along with concepts such as the circular economy.

Session 5

Buy responsibly

As humans we make lots of things. In this session we explore the impact of the things we love and how we can reduce their impact.

Session 6

Eat more fruits and vegtables

Fellows explore how our food gets to our tables. From farming, and transportation to food waste we explore the impact and innovations in food.

Session 7

Ride a bike

Electric cars are everywhere today but what is their impact? In this session we learn more about the different ways we get around and their impact on our planet.

Session 8

Conserve energy

Energy powers our lives. It heats our homes, charges our phones and more. In this session Fellows explore where energy comes from, and how it is produced today and tomorrow.

Session 9

The city session

Pulling all of the topics together in a review of cities struggling with and overcoming a variety of climate challenges.

Session 10

Taking action

In our final sessions students use their time to complete their city of the future projects in groups and present their results.

What's included?

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10 Live Virtual Classes

1.5 hour sessions held weekly where Fellows learn, work and build things together.

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Capstone Project

Throughout the program Fellows will be developing their capstone project where they work together to build a city of the future.

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Access to our online community where student’s can continue to connect outside of sessions.

A certificate
Every Next Climate Fellow will also receive a certificate of completion signed by the program director.

Results that speak for themselves

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Increase in understanding of how to tackle climate change


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Who developed the Next Climate Fellowship?

The Next Climate Fellowship is a program created by Appleby College in Ontario Canada. The program was created after noting the strong interest in learning more about Climate Change from students. The program was developed in partnership with climate change, educational and leadership experts to create a program which would aid in developing tomorrow’s leaders in Climate Change, business and more.

What is the time commitment for Fellows?

The Next Climate Fellowship program takes place once per week for 1.5 hours. During the week student’s may be asked to watch a video or participate in a conversation through our community but no more than 30 minutes to one hour should be needed during the week although student’s can spend as much or as little time as they like working on projects and exploring their curiosities.

Who does the program work best for?

The Next Climate Fellowship is a great fit for any student from those who may have heard of climate change but don’t know much about it, right through to students already thoroughly engaged in climate change conversations and action. A general interest and willingness to learn more about climate change makes for a great candidate.

What is the refund policy?

We understand the program may not be a perfect fit for all students who join. Refunds are 50% remaining fees on a pro-rated basis. The deposit is non-refundable.

What do Fellows need to participate?

A working computer with video and audio (all sessions Fellow's must be on video). At least 1.5 hours of free time per week for sessions and a willingness to learn with others.